What to serve with your Thanksgiving feast? Check out these staff holiday wine picks!

Looking for new and natural? Obscure and organic? We've asked our Bottle Riot team to share their Thanksgiving wine picks.

Who: Lauri

Wine: Forlorn Hope ‘Zincenzo!’ Carbonic Zinfandel| Calaveras County, California | 2019 | $35

Notes: This is not your average zinfandel. It is light in color, with notes of strawberry and plenty of juicy red fruit, just the right amount of minerality that keeps you coming back for more. Enjoy with a slight chill.

Quote: “Trust me! This all-natural California zin is the one you want to serve with your Thanksgiving meal. Pairs perfectly with turkey…from prep to clean up.”

Who: Charlie

Wine: Les Lunes Chardonnay | Mendocino County, California | 2019 | $33

Notes: The roots of the 47-year-old Barra Vineyard Chardonnay vines dig deeply into the soils to give this wine incredible depth and texture. Bottled with a slight haze for added texture, this wine will force you to rethink your impression of what Chardonnay from California tastes like.

Quote: “Complex and bright like the winter sun: it's the perfect unfiltered, hazy addition to any Thanksgiving table.”

Who: Ethan

Wine: Super Glou x Fond Cyprès Rouge| Languedoc-Roussillon, France | 2019 | $33

Notes: This enigmatic blend of Carignan and Grenache slips delightfully between a 'chilled red' and a 'dark rosé.’ Pure addictive glou.

Quote: “Best slammed right before the turkey is served.”

Who: James

Wine: Bojo do Luar Tez | Vihno Verde, Portugal | 2019 | $26

Notes: A testament to the potential of Northern Portugal’s white grape varietals. This elegant, high-toned wine is a blend of Avesso and Arinto grapes. The finished product shows an exceptional potential for evolution, along with beautiful aromatic complexity and a briny mineral texture.

Quote: “Perfect for your outdoor feast.”

Who: Jonathan

Wine: Les Lunes Carignane | Mendocino County, California | 2017 | $36

Notes: Made to capture the delicate intricacies and complexity that only come from working with an old vine vineyard, this Carignane is fresh and bright with loads of juicy berries on the nose and palate.

Quote: "A crowd-pleasing option that pairs perfectly with a (socially distanced) holiday spread. Plus, it’s from a great company serving delicious natural wine."

Who: Tai

Wine: Azienda Vinicola Palama 'Archangelo' | Puglia, Italy | 2017 | $17

Notes: This wine is expressive, rich, and robust on the palate, with an elegance that comes only from small productions and expert craftsmanship. With aromas of steeped plums, cracked pepper, blackberry confit, and cinnamon it is a heady, delicious experience.

Quote: "Pairs perfectly with awkward Thanksgiving conversation. Best enjoyed when your family brings up politics at the dinner table.”

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