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Updated: Feb 4

Holiday Cheer Now Available!

'Tis the season to spread a little holiday cheer (or keep it for yourself, no judgment) with our retail to-go wines. Purchase online or in person, specially priced 3-packs, 6-packs, and cases for in-store and curbside pickup during regular business hours.

Need a recommendation for the wine lover on your list or just looking for something new? Email us at or call 828.505.8606. One of our knowledgeable staff will be happy to help. Don't stress this holiday season, we've got you covered!

Quantities limited on some wines. If not available at the time of purchase, we'll replace it with something equally awesome. Holiday packs available through Jan. 2, 2021.



Ethan’s fav reds of the year! Fun, off-dry, vibrant blue fruit-driven wines from New Cali (predictable). All designed for drinkin’ and thinkin’ about how damn good wine is. Oh, by the way - if you see him, will you ask why our stock is so low on these?

2019 Monte Rio Cellars, Skull MRC Red Wine

2018 Lieu Dit 'San Soufre'

2018 Inconnu Kitsune



Buy Bugey without having to buy bougie … wait what? Jk- we grabbed these guys to represent one of our favorite French winemaking spots. Chard, bubs, and rose bubs? No question! This is definitely the Bugey-est decision you’ll make all year.

2018 Yves Duport

NV Famille Peillot, Montagnieu Brut

NV Bernard & Marjorie Bugey Cerdon



Put the gamut of Ancestrale bubs in here: one white, one orange, and one rose. These wines are unfiltered, unfined, and spontaneous - just like you. The notes in these zippers range from lemongrass to earl grey tea, tamarind, overripe grapefruit, and classically a lil yeast for ya.

2019 Oyster River Morphos

2018 Cambridge Road, Cloudwalker

2019 Leon Pink Gold Super Glou



These are for the people in the back! The ones who want white wine year-round. The ones who want salinity, minerality, zip, and zing with racy acidity and bright fruit! The ones who want wet rock, sea air, basil, and mint! The ones who are...well, us I guess?

2019 Folk Machine White Light

2019 Maloof "Thistle"

2018 Villa Job Sudigiri



New New New! We got the latest vintages of these guys just for ya’ll and for the hell of it. We got watermelon pop rock Valdiguie, cranberry sauce Nero, and hearty big guy Gamay. These are the latest of the latest!

2020 Cruse Nouveau

2019 Martha Stoumen Patatino

2018 Division "CRU", Gamay Noir



All the rage since the stone age! Orange wines have been a favorite of ours for a while. I mean, who doesn’t like a little skin contact? Here’s a pack of our favorites from new to traditional that showcase the myriad of wines in this style. Give ‘em a shot and you’ll be hooked forever.

2019 Day Wines 'Twinkle Twinkle'

2109 Maloof Scrambled Sticks

2017 Guerila Selection



There was an old song that went …”Lapalu for you (it’s a real present), Gonc 1 for me (I want it with my pheasant), and CRU for us two (by then we’ll be pleasant)”...or something like that I think. Anyways- these guys are new and delish! Go Gamay!

2019 Lapalu Tentation Beaujolais

2017 Gonc, 1 G136

2018 Division "CRU"



A wise man once said: “Rose all day”, and we like to consider ourselves wise. From a classic Frenchie to a New Cali and an Austrian to keep you on your toes this pack has got it for the Rose freak in all of us.

2019 Bernard Baudry Chinon

2019 Preisinger Rozsa Libre

2019 Amplify Four on the Floor



There’s always that one person at the Christmas party that has to show off how “wild and crazy” they are - and this pack is for them. An Orange wine (with some real complexity), a Blueberry wine (no, we’re not joking it’s soooo good), and the coolest cider on the block (really truly it’s too good). We’d love to hang with this weirdo.

2013 Bonny Doon Vin Gris Tuilé Brick Wine

2019 Oyster River Ewing Fruit Project Blueberry

Hiyu Smockshop Band Cider



People always ask us “What’s your funkiest red?” Well, here ya go! These unsulfured, unfiltered, and unfined problem children are here to challenge the palate and reward the explorer. As usual with a funk fest, they’re classically aromatic and wild. See you on the other side...if you dare!

2019 Delinquente, Hell Series

2018 Ruth Lewandowski, Boaz Testa Vineyard

2020 'No Es Pituko' Cab Franc



We want the funk! This one is for the real nat-heads out there. These wild whites are perfect for a snow day or for crushing on the porch with breakfast- and whichever is up to you- all we know is that they’re some good deep cuts. Not sure what’s stopping you!

2019 Ruth Lewandowski, Mahlon, Fox Hill Vineyard

2019 Super Glou/Fond Cypres Blanc

2017 Les Quarterons Sancerre



With NYE parties unlikely, indulge at home with this 4-pack of bad little bubs. Celebrate the end of the dumpster fire that is 2020 and cheers to sparkling new beginnings.

2012 Louis Roederer, Vintage

2009 Louis Roederer Stark

2013 L'Ermitage by Roederer Estate

NV Louis Roederer Brut Premiere

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